Aerial & FPV Drone Filming Ireland

When it comes to capturing breathtaking perspectives from the sky, Taller Stories has you covered. We offer aerial filming and photography services in Dublin and all across Ireland. We are long term partners with Aerial Photography Ireland (one of the leading drone operators in the business). With an impressive portfolio boasting hundreds of drone videos, we ensure that every shoot is safe, legal and the best it can be. Partnering with some of the country's best licensed and insured drone operators, we bring innovation and creativity to every project, whether it be a DJI Inspire drone, FPV or heavy lift FPV.

Our Expertise:

At Taller Stories, we take pride in our extensive experience, having successfully shot and produced a diverse range of drone videos over the years. From sweeping landscapes to dynamic action shots, we excel in capturing the essence of every moment from a unique and captivating perspective.

Choosing licensed and insured drone operators is hugely important on every shoot. Our commitment to high standards of safety and regulatory requirements with the best licensed and insured drone operators in the country, our operators bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

FPV Mastery: Unleashing Creativity with First Person View

For those seeking a more dynamic and immersive filming experience, Aerial Photography Ireland offers expertise in FPV filming. FPV drones are used to navigate tight spaces, capture fast-paced action, and deliver shots that stand out from the rest. This technology opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing us to capture moments from unique angles and perspectives that traditional drones cannot achieve.

As the leading name in aerial filming and photography in Dublin, Ireland, Taller Stories combines expertise, innovation, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled results. Whether it's utilising the DJI Inspire range, exploring creative possibilities with FPV, or tackling demanding projects with heavy lift FPV, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations.