Over the years we've produced a number of short and long format documentaries, with some reaching international TV broadcasts, +1 mil online videos, and awards at film festivals.

Our passion for telling stories is what started our business and we are always keen to tap into the humour, emotion and stories of Irish society. Here's a look at some of our favourites.

"Gentlemen of Letters" our first documentary first previewed in December 2013 as part of the 'Sign Painter Movie' premiere (a great film made by our friends stateside), 'Gentlemen of Letters' was intended to briefly document Dublin's relationship, history and influence connected with hand painted signs.

"Gruaig" is an award winning Irish documentary following some of the most talented, funny and charismatic barbers across Ireland.

"Mr.Ripple" is a short documentary following ice-cream man John Taylor during one of his daily rounds. Believed to be Ireland's Oldest Icecream man, our documentary went on to recieve +1mil views and selected as part of 60sec Docs along with sparking future films and TV appearances with Mr. Taylor.

"Tank" centers on Simon Jameson who suffers from a condition called duchenne muscular dystrophy. He's been wheelchair bound for most of his life. Despite this, for the last 9 years, he's been one of the biggest players of Airsoft in the country. Our documentary takes a look into his condition, and the sport of Airsoft and within that supportive community that have accepted him. Our documentary reached over +1 million online views, along with coverage in Irish and International press as well as airing on Canal +. The documentary also raised vital funds to build a new wheelchair for Simon so he can continue playing.

"Story Of The Hug" is about the world record champions of a bunch of Mayo lads who set the Guinness World Record for the longest hug in human history.

"Christmas in my Day" is a short film about our elders and how they recall the festive day over seventy years ago.

"Churchtown Stores" was a short film about the end of an era for a Dublin landmark as the For Sale sign goes up on what was one of Dublin's most treasured shops.