James Dyson Awards

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James dyson taller stories video production dublin

We've worked with Dyson to champion the Irish winners of the James Dyson award for a number of years. Shooting with x2 man team, we've told the stories of the people behind these award winning products.

James dyson taller stories video production dublin James dyson taller stories video production dublin James dyson taller stories video production dublin

EleSkate is a sports analysis device which assesses the figure skating jump based upon its most important metrics . The device fits seamlessly underneath the boot. The data obtained is displayed on EleSkates user friendly companion app. Filmed in Cork.

Oasis harnesses the power of cutting-edge electrochromic film technology to dim the user's mid-to-far peripheral vision while maintaining a clear and focused main field of vision. By selectively dimming the user’s peripheral vision, Oasis effectively reduces distracting visual stimuli in the user's environment. Users can easily adjust the dimming level using the dimmer wheel, which modifies the voltage applied to the electrochromic film. When they need to reengage with their surroundings, a capacitive touch button allows them to turn off the dimming effect.

Econooc is a hive made for wild native Irish black bees. It bio-mimics the space in a hollow tree from mycelium and other repurposed/sustainable materials. This hive and calendar lets anyone have bees in their garden but also teaches them about biodiversity.

Méadú is a device invented by Wicklow-native Paul Hendrick to help primary school students learn their tables in an interactive way.

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